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SubjectRe: Cleanup kbuild for aic7xxx
I am mixed between packing to move to the east coast right now but I 
will definitely be providing you some information. I have to get this
system up and running inside the next four days. I realize this is a
bit rude/forward of me, but I would greatly appreciate your help and
please tolerate my rushedness :)

Justin T. Gibbs wrote:

>>Well let me put it this way, I have in no way selected 'rebuild
>>firmware' and several of my freshly untarred/patched to kernels are
>>broken in that they won't compile, why? lex not found.
>Prior to Linus' 2.4.5 release, aic7xxx version 6.1.5 was embedded
>in the kernel. Although corrected almost immediately after its release,
>this version attempted to build the firmware at all times. Although
>a lofty goal from an aesthetic standpoint (why should you have generated
>files when you have all the source to build them?), it simply doesn't
>work on the miriad of distributions out there. It took a while
>for Linus to pick up the change that added the "rebuild firmware"
>config option, so you may have a kernel that still has this broken
>behavior. Updates to most recent kernels to the latest aic7xxx driver
>can be found here:

I agree with the above except for the usage of external library headers
such as db.h. I tried numerous sleepycat builds but they all returned
errors with the particular db.h.

I will shortly visit that URL and see what I can do.

>>Currently I'm pretty bothered because for any of numerous reasons now, I
>>can't get the blasted aic7xxx support in any 2.4 kernel to work. I'm a
>>little tweaked because my distro is based on 2.4 functionality and I'm
>>stuck on square 0 just trying to boot.
>You could always choose to use the older aic7xxx driver. To this day,
>it is still available in the 2.4.X kernels. I don't have enough details
>about your particular problems to know if this will help your situation.

How does one go about choosing the older driver? I didn't see a config
option for it.

>>Several people have made reports about 2.4 and aic7xxx wrt to OOPSes,
>>failure to boot, and hanging and there's very little response to this.
>Perhaps I've missed the reports then. I've made every effort to repond
>to the reports that I've seen, have worked to correct those issues,
>and expect to release 6.1.14 early next week. Unfortunately even
>working for Adaptec, our testing resources (number/type of machines)
>are limited, so there will always be some bugs left for the userbase
>to find.


>>To this point I have two machines stuck in 2.2 which desperately need
>>upgraded but I can't upgrade the kernel because the aic code is tragic.
>>Pardon my frustration,
>Can you provide information about your system and how it fails? I will
>need to know driver revision, type of card, and any messages you can
>copy down during a failure with "aic7xxx=verbose" set either in LILO
>for a statically compiled driver or used when loading the module. A
>dmesg from a system booted with the 2.2 kernel should give me most of
>the system information I need.

I will dig out a serial cable and update the boot floppy I'm using. Do
you suggest I start these proceedings again with a 2.4.5+ kernel? What
is your recommendation on this, -preN or -acN etc? I'll build a 2.2 and
log the info.


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