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Subject[PATCH] CREDITS update

seems that I've forgotten to update my CREDITS entry for
quite a long time now. Patch attached ;)

Executive summary of a recent Microsoft press release:
"we are concerned about the GNU General Public License (GPL)"

--- CREDITS.orig Fri Jun 22 18:41:15 2001
+++ CREDITS Fri Jun 22 18:42:06 2001
@@ -2337,14 +2337,15 @@
S: France

N: Rik van Riel
D: Linux-MM site, Documentation/sysctl/*, swap/mm readaround
D: clustering contributor, kswapd fixes, random kernel hacker,
-D: maintainer, minor scheduler additions
-S: IJsselstraat 23a
-S: 9725 GA Groningen
-S: The Netherlands
+D: administrator, minor scheduler additions
+S: Conectiva S.A.
+S: R. Tocantins, 89 - Cristo Rei
+S: 80050-430 - Curitiba - Paraná
+S: Brazil

N: Pekka Riikonen
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