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SubjectRE: Maintainers master list?
>I have proposed that the MAINTAINERS file should be replaced by
>metadata markup in the kernel sources themselves, distributed so that
>it will naturally be kept up to date by the people named in it and
>mechanically gathered into a generated MAINTAINERS at make dep time.

>I still think this is the right thing, and was planning to revisit the
>issue after the 2.5 cutover. But it certainly doesn't have to be me that
>does it, and between CML2 and the file and countering
>Microsoft's anti-open-source propaganda war I have plenty of other things
>to worry about.

>So if you want to take this on, I encourage you to go to it. Want a
>copy of the metadata schema I wrote up?

I would be happy to look at any work that you have already done on this, so
feel free to send it along to me. Let's take a look at what you have and
where we might be able to take this.

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