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SubjectRe: AMD756 PCI IRQ Routing Patch 0.2.0

Jeff Garzik wrote:
> None of the other PCI IRQ routines print out IRQ routing messages, so
> these shouldn't either. I assume this is debugging code?

Yes, the printks are only for debug and surely will be removed
after some tests of the patch.
> Further, the printks are potentially misleading, because pirq_amd756_get
> might not receive a valid irq, if 'pirq' is greater than 4.

With pirq > 4 pirq_amd756_get should return 0, i left the
printk just to see if this happens in some test.

In the original 2.4.5 kernel (without patch), I get irq=0 for pirq=4
and that was the cause of the error with a SMC Lucent CardBus Bridge.

Jhon H. Caicedo O. <>
Observatorio Sismológico del SurOccidente O.S.S.O
Cali - Colombia

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