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Subjectide-floppy fails on ApolloPro 133A-based MB

a few days ago I replaced my old MB by a QDI Advance 10F-board (VT82C694X
+ VT82C686B). Since that time I am running into trouble when writing on my
IDE-Floppy (/dev/hdb), read-access is ok, all other IDE-devices are working

/var/log/messages reports:

cosanostra kernel: hdb: ATAPI reset complete
Jun 20 14:45:29 cosanostra kernel: hdb: lost interrupt
Jun 20 14:45:29 cosanostra kernel: ide-floppy: CoD != 0 in idefloppy_pc_intr

These problems occurr running 2.4.5-ac15 as well as W98. QDI seems to know
about this problem because they recommend to upgrade to the latest
VIA-chipset-drivers, which did not help (W98). At this point I am not sure
wether the "ide-floppy"-issue is MB-specific or chipset-related. Could anyone
familiar with the VIA-chipset-driver comment on that, maybe its a
development-aspect for the via-driver ?

Thanks in advance

J. Stroettchen

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