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SubjectRe: temperature standard - global config option?
>  > > Only the truly stupid would assume accuracy from decimal places.
>> Well then, tell all the teachers in this world that they're stupid, and tell
>> everyone who learnt from them as well.
>> I'm in high school (gd. 11, junior)
>> and my physics teacher is always screaming at us for putting too many
>> decimal places or having them inconsistent.
>Ok, *yours*.
>But yours is not all. I certainly don't remember ever seeing that attitude
>in school.
>And yes, this behaviour *is* stupid. Someone who thinks like that should
>never be allowed to become a science teacher.


I've been taught by every Maths, Engineering and Physics
teacher/lecturer I've encountered to write down significant figures
consistent with the precision of the value. So blindly writing down
a value of 59.42886726469 ±2°C is obviously ludicrous, even if that's
what my calculator gives me. I should instead write 59 ±2°C, since
that is the most precision I can possibly know it to. With some
advanced measuring techniques it *may* be acceptable to write 59.43
±2°C *at most*, and then only if you really know why you need the
extra information.

The UK education system is one of the better ones available, and the
above philosophy is consistently held throughout it. I'd be well
advised not to argue, especially since it's common sense.
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