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SubjectRe: Controversy over dynamic linking -- how to end the panic
** Reply to message from "Eric S. Raymond" <> on Thu, 21 Jun
2001 16:13:22 -0400

> Linus *is*, however, implicitly claiming the authority to make license
> policy on behalf of the other copyright holders in cases where the GPL
> is unclear.

And that could be dangerous to "GPL purists", because in a legal situation,
someone could point at Linus and say, "See, I don't have to GPL my code."

> In COPYING, Linus says that that the version of GPL applying to the
> kernel is v2 unless explicitly otherwise stated. He has also already
> issued the interpretation that normal system calls from userland do
> not create a derivation relationship.

I just hope that's enough.

> I consider Linus to have the moral right to make these decisions, whether
> or not the law gives him a formal legal right to do so. All I have done
> is propose that he be more explicit about his policy in order to prevent
> needless confusion and nervousness.

I agree completely.

Timur Tabi -
Interactive Silicon -

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