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SubjectRe: Controversy over dynamic linking -- how to end the panic
> To be honest, I disagree that #include'ing a GPL header file should force your
> app to be GPL as well. That may be how the license reads, but I think it's a
> very bad idea. I could write 1 million lines of original code, but if someone
> told me that but simply adding #include <stdio.h> my code is now a derivative of
> the stdio.h, I'd tell him to go screw himself.

Not to mention utterly unenforceable. Consider:

1) Oracle Corp. builds their database for Linux on a Linux system.
2) Said system comes with standard header files, which happen in this case to
be GPL'd header files.
3) Oracle Corp.'s database becomes GPL.

There's not a court in the civilised world that would uphold the GPL in that


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