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SubjectRe: The latest Microsoft FUD. This time from BillG, himself.
Khalid Aziz <> writes:

>Larry McVoy wrote:
>> You can scream all you want that "it isn't free software" but the fact
>> of the matter is that you all scream that and then go do your slides for
>> your Linux talks in PowerPoint.

>At the Linux SuperClusters 2000 Conference, MadDog and I were the the
>only ones with slides done on Linux. Pretty sad!

The only sad thing here is the state that Office applications for
Linux are in.

Before the last talk I did, I was wrestling for a whole sunny and
really nice saturday, where I could've done many better things that
sitting in front of a computer, with KPresenter and StarOffice on my
notebook to get at least some slides done. At 8pm I gave up, fired the
Win NT box of my wife and had about twenty slides done with PP in just
under two hours (I had the text and images ready on paper and had just
to create slides). They looked well on screen, on the presentation
beamer and printed in colour _and_ black and white. SO and KPresenter
both were able to do two of these four things.

My last LinuxExpo talk was also made with PP, but I did't have the
courage to boot up a notebook with Windows in front of all the Free
Software guys to do a "migrate from Windows to Unix" talk. So I took
printed slides. Yeah, call me a chicken. :-)


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