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SubjectRe: [OT] Threads, inelegance, and Java
Rob Landley writes:
> On Wednesday 20 June 2001 15:53, Martin Dalecki wrote:
>> Mike Harrold wrote:

>> super computing, hmm what about some PowerPC CPU variant - they very
>> compettetiv in terms of cost and FPU performance! Transmeta isn't the
>> adequate choice here.
> You honestly think you can fit 142 PowerPC processors in a single 1U,
> air cooled?

That 142 would be what, a SHARC DSP system? It sure doesn't look
like Transmeta's Crueso. The best I found was 6 and 8 per 1U:

"RLX has managed to tuck 24 servers into a 3U enclosure" --> 8/U
"WebBunker units can hold 12 processors [in 2U]" --> 6/U

For PowerPC I found 32/U to 40/U, in increments of 9U.
See for an example. The processor gets you 4 (four!)
floating-point fused multiply-add operations per cycle, typically
at 400 MHz. Being optimistic, that's a teraflop in 9U.

> Liquid air cooled, maybe...

Nope, plain old air or conduction.

If you're going to rant about off-topic junk, at least try to
throw in a few useful references so people can check facts and
maybe take advantage of whatever it is you're ranting about.
(yeah, yeah, sorry about the VGA console thing)
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