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SubjectAbout I/O callbacks ...

I was just thinking to implement I/O callbacks inside the kernel and test which
kind of performance could result compared to a select()/poll() implementation.
I prefer IO callbacks against async-io coz in this way is more direct to
implement an I/O driven state machine + coroutines.
This is a first draft :


struct ascb_info {
unsigned long param[ASCB_INFO_NPARAMS];

struct iocb {
struct iocb * next;
struct task_struct * task;
unsigned long event;
int (*iocb_func)(struct ascb_info *, void *);
void * data;

struct ascb {
struct ascb * next;
int (*ascb_func)(struct ascb_info *, void *);
void * data;
struct ascb_info info;

struct task_struct {
struct ascb * ascb_list;
spinlock_t ascb_list_lock;

struct file {
struct iocb * iocb_list;
spinlock_t iocb_list_lock;

The user call some user-space api to add the callback to the fd and this will
result ( inside the kernel ) to a call to :

int iocb_file_add(struct file * file,
int (*iocb_func)(struct ascb_info *, void *), void * data,
unsigned long event) {

* Add the callback to the file list with task = current


This is used to add callbacks to the task's list :

int ascb_task_add(struct task_struct * task,
int (*ascb_func)(struct ascb_info *, void *),
void * data, struct ascb_info * info) {

* Add the callback to the task list


Low level I/O layers will call this to dispatch I/O events :

int iocb_file_dispatch(struct file * file, unsigned long event) {

* Scan the iocb_list and ( if event match ) call ascb_task_add()
* and remove ( y/n ? ) the callback from iocb_list


In entry.S we'll have a call like do_signal() that will build the frame for a
callback call ( like do_signal() ) and will remove the entry from the list.
My first implementation should address only sockets but once the concept of
async callbacks is inside the task_struct this could be gradually extended to
std files and even used as an extension of signals.

Comments ?

- Davide

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