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SubjectRe: [Vlan-devel] Should VLANs be devices or something else?

Maybe this has been discussed already, but what about integration
with the bridging code? Is it possible to add add a vlan interface to a
bridge? In other words, can you bridge between one or more regular
interfaces and a vlan?


Ben Greear wrote:

> I have had a good discussion with Dave Miller today, and there
> is one outstanding issue to clear up before my 802.1Q VLAN patch may
> be considered for acceptance into the kernel:
> Should VLANs be devices or some other thing?
> I strongly feel that they should be devices for many reasons.
> 1) It makes integration with user-space tools (ip, ifconfig, arp...) a non-issue.
> 2) It is logically correct, a VLAN is a (net_)device and in all ways acts like one.
> 3) It introduces no fast-path performance degradation that I know of. The one
> slow path involves the linear lookup of a device by name (or id??). This can
> be fixed by hashing the list, if needed.
> 4) Both VLAN patches have used VLANs-as-devices from the beginning, and have
> seen no ill affects to this approach that would be mitigated by some other
> architecture.
> However, we need the community as a whole to agree more-or-less that my
> (and others who share them) arguments are sound. So please, bring your
> complaints fowards now...or forever patch by hand!
> Also, any other complaints or suggestions for the VLAN code should be
> mentioned too, of course!
> If you wish to view the patch, get the 1.0.1 release from my vlan page:
> I will release a new one shortly with the fast-dev-lookup code
> (which is already #ifdef'd out) completely removed, as per Dave's
> wish.
> Thanks,
> Ben

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