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SubjectRe: 2.4.6pre iptables masquerading seems to kill eth0

I'm on 2.4.6pre3 + freeswan/ipsec on my gateway now for 5 days.
It's an old 486/66 32MB with several isdn links, a dsl uplink (with
iptables masquerading) behind a ne2k clone and a 3c509 to the inside network.
no problems at all with the interfaces (all compiled as modules).


In article <>,
Helge Hafting <> wrote:
>I have a home network with two machines connected with
>3c905B cards. The main machine also has a isdn dialup connection.
>Networking works well except if I let the main machine masquerade
>so the other can use the internet too. I use iptables for this.
>It works for a day or so, then eth0 goes silent on the main machine.
>(Rebooting it shows that the other one was fine all the time.)
>The symptoms is that there is no contact between the two machines.
>No ping or anything. "ifconfig" shows the interface is up
>with the correct ip address, but all packets just disappear.
>There are no error messages except from programs that time out.
>Bringing the interface down and up
>again with ifconfig does not help. It is compiled into the
>kernel, so I can't try module reloading.
>Is this some sort of known problem? Or is there something
>I could do to find out more? I couldn't
>find anything in the logfiles.
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