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    SubjectRe: [OT] Threads, inelegance, and Java
    On Wednesday 20 June 2001 13:03, Tony Hoyle wrote:

    > (Just came back from a .NET conference... MS are currently rewriting
    > all their apps in bytecode... whoopee... They're even porting *games*
    > to run on it. I can see it now 'MS Flight Simulator .NET' (Requires
    > quad Pentium 4 1.6Ghz minimum) :-o )

    Well, that ought to make Intel happy. The price of a new desktop box around
    these parts has dropped to about $250, and that comes preassembled. $25 for
    ram, $80 hard drive, $40 processor in ~$30 motherboard, and the floppy, case,
    power supply, and keyboard are all a rounding error. The monitor's still
    expensive, but those are recycled from system to system and you can get a 17
    inch for $99 from goodwill computers.

    So how exactly DOES MS expect to stop the Linux folks from reverse
    engineering .NET apps? Patents? Giving up on the client side and moving to
    an ASP business model (toe to toe with AOL)? Constant gratuitous
    compatability changes to try to prevent all those nasty GPL viruses from
    evolving an immunity to their new proprietary drug? (Without, of course,
    being obvious enough to trigger a third antitrust trial after the 1995 and
    1998 ones...)

    Just curious...

    > Tony
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