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SubjectRe: IDE drives mis-reporting size... bug or feature?
On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 02:00:44PM -0400, Josh Fryman wrote:

> this is an odd one. i think it's technically a feature
> but might be perceived instead as a "bug". anyway, i've
> got a pair of Ultra100 Maxtor 52049h4 20GB drives, on a
> Promise Ultra 100 (PDC20267) controller.
> the drives were popped in with the jumper on for the
> 4096 cylinder limit forced.
> the promise controller recognizes the drives on boot-up
> init as being what they are - ~20GB - and continues on
> merrily.
> Windows 2000 recognizes the drives as ~2GB in size, due to
> the jumper. it's observing the 4096cyl limit on the drive
> in some way. (remove the jumper and it sees ~20GB too.)
> Linux 2.4.3 recognizes the drives as ~20GB regardless of
> the jumper.
> so, is this a bug or feature? is windows or linux not
> working right here? what *should* be seen with the drive
> jumpered such?

The jumper is to overcome a BIOS defect.
The operating system should see the true size.
In order to get Windows to see the true size you may need MaxBlast
or similar boot manager stuff.
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