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SubjectRe: [OT] Threads, inelegance, and Java
Davide Libenzi <> writes:

>On 20-Jun-2001 Russell Leighton wrote:
>> I had a company that gaves us a tech briefing of their system.
>> They dumped mega-bucks into multiple Sun E10000s they needed to run their
>> Java apps...
>> the were proud of their scalable design, just add more hardware!
>> True, the high level design was fine and trivially scalable w/more hw BUT
>> what a waste, if their app was done in C they could have
>> had it run faster and it would have cost them significantly less (in the
>> millions of $$).

>1) HW is cheaper than software engineers time

>2) to find Java developers is easier than to find C developers

>3) the ETA of the same project developed in Java is shorter than the same
> project done in C

4) The Java project is easier ported from e.g. Windows to Linux or
Solaris to Windows.

Amen. You're right on spot. HW is cheap. Even E10K are cheap
(relatively seen. ;-) )


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