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Diff between 2.4.6pre3aa1 and 2.4.6pre3aa2:

Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_alpha-numa-initrd-1

Release initrd memory from right numa node.


Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_alpha-srm-2.4.6-pre1-1

Access the srm variables via /proc/srm_environment.
Patch posted to l-k by Jan-Benedict Glaw <>.

(nice to have)

Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_initrd-release-blkdev-1

Remeber to release the opened blkdev after initrd load.


Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_ksoftirqd-6_ia64-1
Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_ksoftirqd-6_ppc-1

softirq updates for ppc and ia64.


Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_locks-1

Fix from ac16 (avoid corrupting the lock_depth).


Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_max-threads-1

Each task is going to take more than 2 pages. There's
also the pid limit and the per-user limit but turning
the default down is good idea. Fix from Rik from ac16.


Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 00_swapinfo-1

Only show deviecs when then swap_map is been allocated
to avoid oops during swapon. Fix from
Paul Menage <>.

(nice to have)

Only in 2.4.6pre3aa1/30_tux: 30_atomic-lookup-3
Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2/30_tux: 30_atomic-lookup-4

Introduce O_ATOMICLOOKUP for ppc equal to 01000000.

Only in 2.4.6pre3aa2: 40_experimental/40_blkdev-pagecache-3

Optional patch to apply to move the blkdev from buffercache to
pagecache. At the moment this breaks the ramdisk and in turn initrd.
Read the 40_experimental/README for more details. Like the tux patches
this one is not included into the global diff (2.4.6pre3aa2.{gz,bz2}).

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