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SubjectRe: [RFC] Early flush (was: spindown)
Daniel Phillips writes:
> I never realized how much I didn't like the good old 5 second delay
> between saving an edit and actually getting it written to disk until
> it went away. Now the question is, did I lose any performance in
> doing that. What I wrote in the previous email turned out to be
> pretty accurate, so I'll just quote it

Starting I/O immediately if there is no load sounds nice. However,
what about the other case, when the disc is already spun down (and
hence there's no I/O load either)? I want the system to avoid doing
writes while the disc is spun down. I'm quite happy for the system to
accumulate dirtied pages/buffers, reclaiming clean pages as needed,
until it absolutely has to start writing out (or I call sync(2)).

Right now I hack that by setting bdflush parameters to 5 minutes. But
that's not ideal either.


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