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SubjectRe: IP_ALIAS in 2.4.x gone?

>>>>> "Alan Olsen" == Alan Olsen <> writes:

Alan Olsen> I found the problem...
Alan Olsen> IP_ALIAS is no longer needed in the config. [...]
Alan Olsen> The documentation does not reflect that the alias
Alan Olsen> behaviour is on by default.

yes and sorry, you are absolutely right.

Alan Olsen> I will submit a patch for the docs that reflects this so
Alan Olsen> others will not get confused by that.

great, this will surely help. i've appended a first try how the
changes could be clarified. please take this as a hopefully helpful
proposal (HHP for short ;-).


--- linux-2.4.5/Documentation/networking/alias.txt-245 Tue Apr 28 23:22:04 1998
+++ linux-2.4.5/Documentation/networking/alias.txt Thu Jun 21 01:41:45 2001
@@ -2,40 +2,43 @@

+IP-aliases are additional IP-adresses/masks hooked up to a base
+interface by adding a colon and a string when running ifconfig.
+This string is usually numeric, but this is not a must.
+IP-Aliases are avail if CONFIG_INET (`standard' IPv4 networking)
+is configured in the kernel.

-o For IP aliasing you must have IP_ALIAS support included by static
- linking.

o Alias creation.
- Alias creation is done by 'magic' iface naming: eg. to create a
+ Alias creation is done by 'magic' interface naming: eg. to create a alias for eth0 ...

# ifconfig eth0:0 etc,etc....
~~ -> request alias #0 creation (if not yet exists) for eth0
- and routing stuff also ...
- # route add -host dev eth0:0 (if same IP network as
- main device)
- # route add -net dev eth0:0 (if completely new network wanted
- for eth0:0)
+ The corresponding route is also set up by this command.
+ Please note: The route always points to the base interface.

o Alias deletion.
- Also done by shutting the interface down:
+ The alias is removed by shutting the alias down:

# ifconfig eth0:0 down
~~~~~~~~~~ -> will delete alias

-Alias (re-)configuring
+o Alias (re-)configuring

- Aliases are not real devices, but programs` should be able to configure and
+ Aliases are not real devices, but programs should be able to configure and
refer to them as usual (ifconfig, route, etc).

-Relationship with main device

- - the main device is an alias itself like additional aliases and can
- be shut down without deleting other aliases.
+o Relationship with main device
+ If the base device is shut down the added aliases will be deleted
+ too.

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