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SubjectRe: Alan Cox quote? (was: Re: accounting for threads)
Rob Landley wrote:
> The patches-linus-actuall-applies mailing list idea is based on how Linus
> says he works: he appends patches he likes to a file and then calls patch -p1
> < thatfile after a mail reading session. It wouldn't be too much work for
> somebody to write a toy he could use that lets him work about the same way
> but forwards the messages to another folder where they can go out on an
> otherwise read-only list. (No extra work for Linus. This is EXTREMELY
> important, 'cause otherwise he'll never touch it.)

What if the file doing patches from is actually visible on a web page?
Or better yet, if the patch command itself was modified such that at the
same time it applies a patch, the source and the results were added to a
MySQL server which in turn shows as a web page?
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