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SubjectRe: The latest Microsoft FUD. This time from BillG, himself.
>You can scream all you want that "it isn't free software" but the fact
>of the matter is that you all scream that and then go do your slides for
>your Linux talks in PowerPoint.

Or AppleWorks (Mac), in my case. Or, if I wanted to be flashy, I'd
make the slides up in CorelXARA (which originated on the Acorn and
would probably run under WINE today) and move them to
GraphicConvertor (Mac) for display. I daresay it's possible to do
all that under Linux, but I haven't found such readily-available
solutions staring me in the face yet.

Incidentally, you don't need a flashy presentation to make an impact.
I won a prize this month largely based on a presentation I did - the
content was king, the slides were white-on-black text, and I
stammered my way through the actual presentation (I'm not good at
public speaking). The close runner-up had done a big flashy
PowerPoint presentation, was better at public speaking, but hadn't
researched his material quite so thoroughly.

I use Linux for programming and servers. I still use my Macs for
regular day-to-day workstation duty. That's the status quo, and it
will only change slowly and with much effort.
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