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SubjectRe: softirq in pre3 and all linux ports writes:
> Actually, now I do not understand why TUX still works with Ingo's patch.
> As soon as bulk work is made in thread context, it should die pretty
> fastly doing no progress. :-)

TUX also has per-cpu timers patch of Ingo as well.
Did you forget this? :-)

> Let's look at different angle: f.e. with Ingo's patch, as soon as
> one cpu processes some global BH, all the rest of cpus will spin
> waiting for global bh release. Is this good? I am afraid this is not
> quite good.

It is equivalent to some old dumb code doing cli() right?

The only interesting global BHs left right now are:

1) Timers

SCSI may be transformed right now in 15 minutes of boring editing to a
softirq, it has all the appropriate locking already.

Timers have no hard technical reason for not being a softirq
either. However, this would be work requiring real thought,
not just mindless edits.

David S. Miller
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