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SubjectIP_ALIAS in 2.4.x gone?

Has the IP_ALIAS functionality been replaced by something else in the
2.4.x kernels?

Documentation/networking/alias.txt seems to imply that it still does, but
the string IP_ALIAS does not exist anywhere else in the entire source
tree. (Unless you count the default configs for non-i86 architectures.

There is a "virtual server" option in the kernel that ships with Redhat,
but I assume that this is a patch for something Redhat specific. (It is
not an option in 2.4.5, unless I am missing something.)

How is binding multiple IPs to a single ethernet card *supposed* to be
handled under 2.4.x? If the IP_ALIAS option is no longer valid, then the
alias.txt doc should be changed to reflect the new option.

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