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SubjectRe: Alan Cox quote? (was: Re: accounting for threads)
> Which clearly marks you as a typical kernel-side developer :-) It never
> ceases to amaze me how different a userland perspective can be from that of
> people who live in kernel space.

I've been writing multiuser games since 1987. I'm not just a kernel hacker

> But that foregoes the point that the code is far more complex and harder to
> make 'obviously correct', a concept that *does* translate well to userspace.

There I disagree. Threads introduce parallelism that the majority of user
space programmers have trouble getting right (not that C is helpful here).

A threaded program has a set of extremely complex hard to repeat timing based
behaviour dependancies. An unthreaded app almost always does the same thing on
the same input. From a verification and coverage point of view that is
incredibly important.


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