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SubjectRe: gnu asm help...
** Reply to message from "Petr Vandrovec" <> on Tue, 19 Jun
2001 01:36:26 MET-1

> No. Another CPU might increment value between LOCK INCL and
> fetching v->counter. On ia32 architecture you are almost out of
> luck. You can either try building atomic_inc around CMPXCHG,
> using it as conditional store (but CMPXCHG is not available
> on i386), or you can just guard your atomic variable with
> spinlock - but in that case there is no reason for using atomic_t
> at all.

Oh, I see the problem. You could do something like this:

mov %0, %%eax
inc %%eax
mov %%eax, %0

and then return eax, but that won't work on SMP (whereas the "lock inc" does).
Doing a global cli might work, though.

Timur Tabi -
Interactive Silicon -

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