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    SubjectRe: [VLAN] Re: Should VLANs be devices or something else?
    Marcell Gal wrote:

    > I remember
    > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/
    > was broken for about >300 devices. I do not know how's it today.

    My VLAN code creates an entry for every vlan in /proc/net/vlan/
    too, and it seems to quit creating entries after about 250 or so.
    It's read-only info, so it doesn't seem to do too much harm.

    I think there must be an 8-bit limit somewhere in the proc-fs.

    > > Adding the hashed lookup for devices took the exponential curve out of
    > > ip and ifconfig's performance, btw.
    > n^2 for creating n devices (in the unfortunate increasing or random
    > order),
    > (not 2^n), I guess.

    It definately isn't fast, but then again, it is fast enough when you
    only have 500 or so interfaces. For the wierdos that want more, we
    can just wait a little longer... :)

    I'll offer the hashed-device-lookup
    patch separately on my web site so it can be used if needed...


    Ben Greear <> <>
    President of Candela Technologies Inc
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