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SubjectRe: sis630 - help needed debugging in the kernel
On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 08:32:03PM +0200, René Rebe wrote:
> > Try booting at 640x480 with a color depth of 32. Then
> > try booting at a different resolution (1024x768) at the default color
> > depth. I want to see if its a error with the resolution setting or if it
> > is a error with setting up the data relating to the color depth handling.
> > The results should give me some clue.
> I can't set the videomode for the driver ...? I tried:
> video=sis:vesa:0x112
> video=sis:xres:640,yres:480,depth:32
> video=sis,xres:640,yres:480,depth:32
> Is there another way to tell the fb driver what mode to use??
Yep, in fbmem.c the name entry is "sisfb" as opposed to just "sis". Also, the
driver requires that the mode is passed video a "mode:" argument as is
outlined in the sisfb_setup(). Take a look at drivers/video/sis/sis_main.h,
specifically sisbios_mode[] for a list of supported modes.

Something like:


should do the job.


Paul Mundt <>

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