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SubjectRe: New Linux Drivers - Configure question

> I am working on a new framebuffer driver for an LCD controller that's
> custom to the PowerPC embedded world. As such, it's architecture
> dependent. Where should I place the driver in the tree, and how should I
> set up the proper Configure options? Where do I put checks for #ifdef
> CONFIGURE_blah_blah_blah?


You would place it in drivers/video. If you look at the
file in the linux/drivers/video directory you will see

if [ "$CONFIG_PPC" = "y" ]; then
bool ' Open Firmware frame buffer device support' CONFIG_FB_OF

Just add you driver in that section. Also you have to alter fbmem.c. You
need to add something like

extern int xxxmydriverfb_init(void);
extern int xxxmydriverfb_setup(char*);

and further down in the file.

{ "myfbdriver", xxxmydriverfb_init, xxxmydriverfb_setup },

When you look at this file you will see what I mean. If you have any
further questions just go to In this email you
will see the address for our mailing list. On our web site it gives you
info about joining the mailing list.

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