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> If you have a directory called /initrd, in your root file-system,
> you may find that the old initrd is still mounted:
> Script started on Mon Jun 18 17:22:20 2001
> # ls /initrd
> bin dev etc lib linuxrc sbin
> # umount /initrd
> # ls /initrd
> # exit
> exit
> Script done on Mon Jun 18 17:22:44 2001
> Unmount it first.

I actually had something to that effect in my rc.sysinit file. It unmounted
/initrd, removed it, and attempted to flush ram0. I started trying it
manually when that didn't work =(

Funny thing though (not entirely unexpected)--/initrd's not in /etc/mtab.
I can see why. Also, /proc/sys/kernel/real-root-dev is still 0x0100
(/dev/ram0). Changing it to 0x0301 (/dev/hda1) doesn't help, but it might be
a clue for those who know this stuff better than I do.


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