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SubjectRe: 2.4.5 data corruption
On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 07:20:06PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Folks, I believe I have a reproducible test case which corrupts data in
> > 2.4.5.
> 2.4.5 has an out of date 3ware driver that is short

> + - Fix possible null pointer dereferences in tw_ioctl().
> + Remove check for invalid done function pointer from
> + tw_scsi_queue().

hehe, this one keeps the 3dmd from running here at all.

> That might be a first thing to check

Well, I do not understand how the driver is distributed.
The actual 3ware stuff won't compile on 2.4.x, and the stuff in kernel
is always different from 3ware releases.

I use two 8-port cards (8 disks each) and I see different but
fatal problems on both systems.

Is anyone here using an actual firmware and raid-5 ?
Does it work up to some level on 6800 ?

Anyway, a useful proc-interface would be really cool
(like DAC); I guess that many people would love to get rid
of the - sorry - fucking closed sourced and totally broken 3dmd
which makes an extremly nice product totally useless (you can't
trust it; not only because it's closed source, it simply doesn't
work (except that it wastes memory, that works fine. tested.))


ciao -

" destroy-your-data-by-3dmd-no-need-for-hammer-anymore CNAME "
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