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Diff between 2.2.20pre2aa1 and 2.2.20pre3aa1 (besides moving on top of
2.2.20pre3 that notably fixes the ptrace local DoS races):

Only in 2.2.20pre2aa1: 00_andi-mark_bh-1

Merged in 2.2.20pre3.

Only in 2.2.20pre3aa1: 00_alpha-pci-compile-1

Fix alpha pci_controller_num.


Only in 2.2.20pre3aa1: 00_newboot-2.2.20-pre2-1.diff.gz

Support new boot protocol in sync with 2.4 for new bootloaders.

(nice to have)

Only in 2.2.20pre3aa1: 00_nfs-lseek-1

Make SEEK_CUR offset 0 to return the current vfs file offset on nfs to
cure userspace. Fix from Andi.


Only in 2.2.20pre2aa1: 00_parent-timeslice-loss-fix-3
Only in 2.2.20pre3aa1: 00_parent-timeslice-loss-fix-4

Rebuild the asm_offsets.h for sparc and sparc64 after the ptrace fix
and fixup the trivial reject generated by the ptrace DoS fixes.


Only in 2.2.20pre3aa1: 00_tcp-syn-during-established-1

Reject any duplicate syn carrying payload, process the syn
during established after checking if rst is set in the incoming
packet (that's a faster path) and send ack back after a duplicate
valid syn. From Andi.


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