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Subjectpivot_root from non-interactive script

I have followed the instructions given in Documentation/initrd.txt with regard to pivot_root, but am unable to unmount the filesystem, when everything is called from a non-interactive script.

ie. When I set a link from linuxrc to /bin/ash and then manually go through the commands in the shell script, I am able to unmount the old initrd filesystem. However, when linuxrc is a shell script containing the same commands, I am unable to umount the old initrd fs. I get instead: "Device or resource busy".

The contents of my linuxrc script are as follows:
export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin

cd /
mkdir /new
mount -t shm /dev/shm /new
cp -pdR * new

cd new
pivot_root . initrd

cd /
exec chroot . /bin/ash <dev/console > dev/console 2>&1
ash is a static binary. chroot, mount and pivot_root are from busybox.

- Ralph Jones

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