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SubjectRe: APM, ACPI, and Wake on LAN - the bane of my existance

Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > anything. So I removed the three pin cross connect that connects the
> > card to the WOL header on the motherboard. That fixed it for a few
> > days, but now it's doing it again, even without the cable installed.
> > the only fix is to unplug the ethernet cable when I turn it off.
> So turn it off by unplugging AC cord. If it comes up *without* AC plugged
> in.... Welll... Call GhostBusters.
> Pavel

True, but I'd like to have work without having to unplug the power
everyday :)

> PS: I is possible that machine comes up after powerfail. This might be
> your proble. Without 3pin cable installed, it really should not come up
> itself.

Actually apparently it is possible with PCI 2.2 compliant cards and
motherboards. The 3 pin wire is for backwards compatiblity with old

> --
> Philips Velo 1: 1"x4"x8", 300gram, 60, 12MB, 40bogomips, linux, mutt,
> details at

Thanks for you input,

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