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SubjectRe: sis630 - help needed debugging in the kernel

> > > > I currently try to debug why the sisfb driver crashes my machine. (SIS 630
> > > > based laptop - linux-2.4.5-ac13).
> > >
> > > You can do one of two things. Post both and the complete oops
> > > or you can run ksymoops on the oops. I can find the problem then. Thanks.
> >
> > ksymoops' output is attached.
> Is there any result with this trace??

Yes. It oops in fbcon_cfb8_putc. I haven't figured out yet what exactly
caused it. I don't have this card to play with :-( Did you run the other
test I suggested. Try booting at 640x480 with a color depth of 32. Then
try booting at a different resolution (1024x768) at the default color
depth. I want to see if its a error with the resolution setting or if it
is a error with setting up the data relating to the color depth handling.
The results should give me some clue.

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