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SubjectRe: Newbie idiotic questions.
>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Garzik <> writes:
Jeff> It's the preference of the maintainer. It's a tossup: using
Jeff> the type in the kmalloc makes the type being allocated obvious.
Jeff> But using sizeof(*var) is a tiny bit more resistant to change.

Ok, thanks. I was looking at fixing an `actual bug' in this driver
and I was wonder what else I could/should do while there. I didn't
necessarily want to change `sizeof(struct Type)' to `sizeof(*value)'.
I considered that change to be somewhat dubious, even though I like
`sizeof(*value)'. Of course, I unwittingly demonstrated what dangers
lie in making cosmetic changes [I was on my way to a party at the time
and my girlfriend was calling, excuses, excuses...].

So, It looks like I might fix the actual race condition, post that
diff, fix any other small oddities, post that diff. If no one
complains, etc I can ask the maintainer. Of course I will test it
myself as well.

Bill Pringlemeir.

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