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    From <>:
    > I have to ask, is this something you wrote, or an actual log from
    > something you wrote? (=:]

    What? Moi, perpetrate a trifling and crude hoax? You wound me, sir,
    by supposing I would ever stoop to such gaucherie. It is so much more
    *elegantly* absurd to actually write the program, is it not?

    CML2 Adventure is part of the 1.6.1 release of CML2. You can download
    it from <> and try it out yourself.
    <a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

    Hoplophobia (n.): The irrational fear of weapons, correctly described by
    Freud as "a sign of emotional and sexual immaturity". Hoplophobia, like
    homophobia, is a displacement symptom; hoplophobes fear their own
    "forbidden" feelings and urges to commit violence. This would be
    harmless, except that they project these feelings onto others. The
    sequelae of this neurosis include irrational and dangerous behaviors
    such as passing "gun-control" laws and trashing the Constitution.

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