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    SubjectRe: 2.4 VM & swap question
    > Yes, I know there's no hard and fast rule for the exact ammount of ram/swap one
    > needs that will always work. However, in 2.2 for a 'workstation' one could
    > usually quite happily get away with having 128:128 and never have much of a
    > problem. with 2.4.0 and up this isn't the case. This has been the cause
    > of many people complaining quite loudly about 2.4 VM sucking and having
    > lots of OOM kills going about. It's also been called an 'aritificial limit'
    > since one of the VM people had a patch to 'fix' this. What I'm trying to
    > figure out is if this problem exists linearly or just with 'lower' ammounts
    > of total physical ram. ie if I jump up to 512mb and don't have a webserver
    > or database (ie I've got 512mb so I end up with a big disk cache) will I need
    > to have 1gb of swap just to keep the VM happy? Will 256 be enough? Could I
    > even live w/o swap?

    Probably you'd live with 512MB of swap. As for w/o swap? You need it
    atleast to hear the disks trashing and know you have to ctrl-c the damn
    process, if not anything else.

    I have:
    spiral:~# free
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 254572 89936 164636 0 4352 48016
    -/+ buffers/cache: 37568 217004
    Swap: 530136 0 530136

    With X, netscape and a gcc running and doing quite fine.
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