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    Subjecta memory-related problem?

    I just added 128 MB of RAM to my machine which already had 128 MB and
    which has 128 MB swap. 128 MB RAM + 128 MB swap (either the new or the
    old 128 MB RAM) works, but the combination of that, 256 MB RAM + 128 MB
    swap, crashes the compu during startup with either an "unresolved-
    symbols in init" message (which is completely random, each boot shows
    different unresolved references) or with oopses right after starting

    (btw is it useful to write down these oopses on paper, reboot with
    only 128 MB RAM to ksymoops them?)

    Any idea on what's wrong? I thought the memory could be broken but
    when booting with only the new memory in the machine, it does startup
    so I suppose the memory itself is okay (but I'm not a hardware expert).
    Or is this "normal behaviour" when a machine doesn't follow swap=2xRAM?
    (and then again, why did it startup with 128MB/swap?)

    distro = RedHat-7.0 (with updates from installed)
    Kernel = 2.4.4
    gcc = 2.96
    glibc = 2.2

    system = p-II 400 MHz, 128 MB swap, 440BX (abit p6b) mainboard
    memory is (133 MHz) SDRAM memory (running at 100 MHz)

    [please CC me, I'm currently not subscribed]


    Ronald Bultje

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