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SubjectANN: Linux-NTFS 1.0.0 stable released
Linux-NTFS 1.0.0 stable is now released.

Get it from

NTFS utilities
NtfsFix v1.15 - Attempt to fix an NTFS partition that has been damaged by
the Linux NTFS driver. Note that you should run it every time after you
have used the Linux NTFS driver to write to an NTFS partition to prevent
massive data corruption from happening when Windows mounts the partition.
IMPORTANT: Run this only *after* unmounting the partition in Linux but
*before* rebooting into Windows NT/2000 or you *will* suffer! - You have
been warned!

mkntfs v1.39 - Format a partition with the NTFS filesystem. See man 8
mkntfs for command line options.

NtfsDump_LogFile v1.0 - Interpret and display information about the journal
($LogFile) of an NTFS volume.

dumplog v1.0. - As NtfsDump_LogFile but operates on a file rather than a
partition, so can use it on a live mounted file system.

ldm v1.3 - Interpret and display the Logical Disk Manager database (of a
Windows 2000/XP dynamic disk/block device).

NTFS library
Provides common NTFS access functions to the ntfstools and other foreign
open source applications. Note, that the library is still under heavy
development and doesn't include the majority of functionality yet. It only
is capable of just about supporting the current ntfstools, so I wouldn't
recommend using it for your own applications at this stage.

* mkntfs release and bugfixes to libntfs and the other utilities. Includes
a man (8) page.
* ldm release which dumps the ldm database on Win2k/XP dynamic disks.
* updated ntfsdump_logfile and new dumplog operating on the logfile itself
rather than the partition, suitable for live mounted file systems.
* Building of shared libraries is disabled by default as it breaks on some
* Probably need at least gcc-2.95 or something like that from now on.

Please report any bugs/problems to:



"Nothing succeeds like success." - Alexandre Dumas
Anton Altaparmakov <aia21 at> (replace at with @)
Linux NTFS Maintainer / WWW:
ICQ: 8561279 / WWW:

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