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SubjectRe: spindown [was Re: 2.4.6-pre2, pre3 VM Behavior]
On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Daniel Phillips wrote:

> In other words, any episode of pageouts is followed immediately by a
> short episode of preemptive cleaning.

linux/mm/vmscan.c::page_launder(), around line 666:
/* Let bdflush take care of the rest. */

> The definition of 'for a while' and 'plenty of disk bandwidth' can be
> tuned, but I don't think either is particularly critical.

Can be tuned a bit, indeed.

> As a side note, the good old multisecond delay before bdflush kicks in
> doesn't really make a lot of sense - when bandwidth is available the
> filesystem-initiated writeouts should happen right away.

... thus spinning up the disk ?

How about just making sure we write out a bigger bunch
of dirty pages whenever one buffer gets too old ?

Does the patch below do anything good for your laptop? ;)



--- buffer.c.orig Sat Jun 16 18:05:15 2001
+++ buffer.c Sat Jun 16 18:05:29 2001
@@ -2550,8 +2550,7 @@
if the current bh is not yet timed out,
then also all the following bhs
will be too young. */
- if (++flushed > bdf_prm.b_un.ndirty &&
- time_before(jiffies, bh->b_flushtime))
+ if(time_before(jiffies, bh->b_flushtime))
goto out_unlock;
} else {
if (++flushed > bdf_prm.b_un.ndirty)
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