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SubjectRe: VIA KT133A crash *post* 2.4.3-ac6

Christian Bornträger wrote:

>>If possible, can you remove the hard disc from the promise and attach it on
>>the VIA-Controller and test if the problem still occurs? (prepare a bootdisc
>>if you cannot boot. Propably, you have to pass a new root-partition to the
>>I hardly believe that the promise controller has some problems with the new
>>VIA setup introduced in 2.4.3-ac7. Using the promise ports of the A7V133 is
>>the only correlation I see again and again...
Yes, plugging the drive into the primary VIA IDE port, it seems to work
perfectly. Am now on 2.4.5-ac14 with UDMA5 enabled and it seems quite happy.

Which would seem to indicate that yes, it *is* a Promise issue - or at
least a Promise-on-VIA issue.

FWIW the Promise BIOS announces itself as version 2.01 build 35.


Thus far I've been presuming that the Promise IDE ports were
UDMA100/66/33 and the VIA IDE ports were UDMA66/33, and thus naturally
wanted to use the Promise ports to get better performance. Now, on more
careful reading of the manual, it seems to be telling me that *all* of
the IDE ports are UDMA100/66/33, the main benefit of the Promise chip
besides being able to plug more IDE devices in, being the RAID 0 support
(which I don't need [yet]). Then, on looking again at the bonnie
*results* (rather than just noting that it hadn't *crashed*), I notice
that the figures are about the same, possibly marginally better, than
those I was getting out of the Promise ports.

And there I thought I'd have to be slumming it... Doh! :-} <sheepish/>


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