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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.5-ac14
>>>>> "Al" == Alexander Viro <> writes:

Al> Very odd. Could somebody try vanilla 2.4.6-pre1 on a PPC box? I _really_
Al> doubt that it might be an architecture-specific problem in directory
Al> code - it would simply fail the lookup for /dev in that case.

I have 2.4.6-pre3 running. Machine is a PowerMac clone with a G3 CPU.
It gets loads of bogus interrupts (known problem with this machine),
but otherwise runs fine (that is, for the time being).

maz@crisis:~$ uname -a
Linux crisis 2.4.6-pre3 #1 Sat Jun 16 01:35:36 CEST 2001 ppc unknown
maz@crisis:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor : 0
cpu : 750
temperature : 0 C
clock : 240MHz
revision : 2.2
bogomips : 478.91
zero pages : total: 0 (0Kb) current: 0 (0Kb) hits: 0/0 (0%)
machine : Power Macintosh
motherboard : AAPL,e407 MacRISC
memory : 144MB
l2cr override : 0xa5000000
pmac-generation : OldWorld

Al> I'll try to find a PPC nearby, but it may be tricky on weekend. So
Al> if somebody wants to help... Notice that problem was on read-only
Al> mount, so it can be tested without risking fs corruption - just
Al> try to boot with init=/bin/sh and do ls -lR, etc.

Been there, done that. Just works.
Would 2.4.6-pre1 be a better test ? I can dig into that if you want.

Places change, faces change. Life is so very strange.
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