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SubjectRe: ps2 keyboard filter hook

>X11 likes to talk direct to the PS/2 port. I actually think you should
>talk to Vojtech for the mainstream kernel about the input device work. It
>sounds much cleaner and more close to what you need

Ah, I didn't realize the input layer was handling PS/2 stuff...? Although I am
not sure it would work; the special needs of these keyboards requires the driver
to do some bizarre things, such as:

- change scancodes. I was and still am shocked by this. I will say that it is
a 'legacy feature' that I'm told is due having to deal with Windoze...
- consume scancodes. The keyboard uses normal scancodes for the extra hardware
as well as normal keys, so if the driver can't filter them out large amounts
of strange characters will appear when (e.g.) a credit card is swiped.
- send large amounts of bytes (multi-KB) to the PS/2 port (I think this
may be possible).

The filtering needs to be done fairly early (I think), or the keyboard state may
get corrupted by seemingly random 'normal' scancodes coming in (for non-raw

Vojtech, could you comment on if the above is possible using the input layer?

Dan Streetman
186,282 miles per second:
It isn't just a good idea, it's the law!

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