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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.4.5-ac12] New Sony Vaio Motion Eye camera driver
In alcove.lists.linux.kernel, you wrote:

> >Well, not quite... I've had several X lockups while using the YUV
> >acceleration code. Let's say one lockup per half an hour.
> Strange. I've watched DVD's etc. Maybe it's not the Xv code, but your
> camera code?

It can be, of course. However I never experienced problems when
using the 'regular' X server, but quite often when using the
patched server from gatos.

And since the driver delivers YUV data in both cases, I see
no difference (from its point of vue) between the two uses.

> >Even the performances are controversial: with 320x240, I achieve
> >great performance with xawtv/meye driver, I can even use the hardware
> >scaling facilities (well, the xawtv sources need a little hacking for
> >that), but in 640x480 the framerate achieved with Xv is below the
> >one I get by converting YUV->RGB in software...
> There's something wrong with your setup. I watch full-screen DVD's on my
> VAIO. It's not really fast enough with just the YUV conversion done in
> hardware (it's plenty fast enough if MC and iDCT would be done in HW
> too, but ATI doesn't release docs without strict NDA's). But there's no
> way DVD's are watchable with sw YUV conversion and scaling.

I said that YUV conversion and scaling _do_ work in hardware. Actually,
using a capture size of 320x240 I can use those hardware features
and scale the image to full screen and I get all the 30 fps.

It seems however to work pretty bad in 640x480... but maybe it is
my setup here...

> >But the main question remains: does the MotionEye camera support
> >overlay or not ?
> That one I have no clue about at all.

Neither do I :-)

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