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SubjectRe: [patch] nonblinking VGA block cursor
On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Daniel Phillips wrote:

> Ask the original poster if he's willing to take the risk of going with an xor
> cursor. We are talking text mode, right? No way to get rid of that blinking
> text cursor, ever. Tell me, do you like having the colon blink on your alarm
> clock too? Personally, I opened the thing up and put a piece of tape over it.

Aha! A software weenie! A real hardware hacker would have snipped and
soldered it to VCC to get a constant (or add a switch for solid/blink =).

In any case, this strikes me as a matter of policy. I don't care one way
or the other, but if people want a solid cursor, it's not something that
we can really deny them that (unless it's a binary-only driver for the
cursor, of course).

Anyway, this is a silly discusson in general, i figured i would throw in
my $0.02 (strong US cents!)

> IBM had lots of ideas about how computers should work. Remember the keyboard
> keys that when CLACK CLACK CLACK. Thank god they turned out to be too
> expensive to clone - nobody misses them now.

(posted with a Model M)
/jbm, but you can call me Josh. Really, you can.
"When lasers are outlawed, only outlaws will have lasers"
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