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SubjectRe: VIA KT133A crash *post* 2.4.3-ac6
On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > With DMA (UDMA Mode 5) enabled, my machine crashes on kernel versions
> > from 2.4.3-ac7 onwards up to 2.4.5 right up to 2.4.5-ac13. 2.4.3 vanilla
> > and 2.4.3-ac6 are completely stable. -ac7 of course is when a load of
> > VIA fixes were done. :-}
> Unfortunately there isnt a great deal I can do but say 'talk to VIA'.
> > With DMA (any setting, but UDMA mode 5 preferred of course) enabled, on
> > kernels 2.4.3-ac7 and onwards, random lockup on disk access within first
> > few minutes of use - sometimes very quickly after boot, sometimes as
> > much as ten minutes later given use. Running bonnie -s 1024 once or
> Yep. Lots of people see these. I even have people reporting it and not reporting
> it on the same board.
> Only known cure its to not use DMA.

So is there no correlation from particular hardware to problems reported?
I'm running the A7V133 with a Western Digital WD300BB UDMA 5 drive on
kernel 2.4.5 with no trouble.

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