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    SubjectRe: more on VIA 686B (trials)

    David Monniaux wrote:

    >I replaced this mobo+Duron with an ASUS A7V133+Athlon, which
    >work perfectly well.
    >Athlon-optimized kernel, UDMA100, no problem whatsoever.
    Which is odd, because that's exactly my combination (ASUS A7V133 +
    Athlon), and I get crashes with DMA on anything from 2.4.3-ac7 onwards,
    but up to 2.4.3-ac6 is rock-steady. (my crash test is "bonnie -s 1024"
    :-)) I wonder what's different between our machines (apart from distro,
    which I wouldn't expect to be relevant)? Clock speed? We tried
    downclocking my Athlon to 1.0 GHz but it made no difference.

    I've been tinkering (have no kernel programming experience) with
    selectively forward-porting the 2.4.3-ac6 code to newer kernels for my
    own use at least, but haven't got it right yet.


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