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SubjectRe: Lockup in 2.4.2 kernel ADSL PCI card ATM driver module wrote:
> Lockup in 2.4.2 kernel ADSL PCI card ATM driver module
> Works fine in 2.4.0 kernel.
> Locks up system (no messages/oops/etc.) in 2.4.2-2 kernel (rh 7.1).
> Locks up system (no messages/oops/etc.) in 2.4.2 kernel (w/ or w/o kgdb).
> Locks up system with "int 3" ??????? message in 2.4.2-ac28 kernel.

First, please try with a recent 2.4.5ac kernel - a number of ATM bugfixes
have been made recently and they've been merged first with alan's
branch. Anyway, there's a chance that you might just be hitting one of
those bugs that have already been fixed, so it'd be best to try that
first so we can exclude that possibility.

> int 3: 0000
> CPU: 0
> EIP: 0010:[<c885478b>]

Please read the REPORTING-BUGS and Documentation/oops-tracing.txt files
in the linux source tree - especially the parts about using the
"ksymoops" tool. These numbers are useless to us unless you run it
through that tool first.

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