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SubjectRe: Going beyond 256 PCI buses
David S. Miller writes:
> Jeff Garzik writes:

>> According to the PCI spec it is -impossible- to have more than 256
>> buses on a single "hose", so you simply have to implement multiple
>> hoses, just like Alpha (and Sparc64?) already do. That's how the
>> hardware is forced to implement it...
> Right, what userspace had to become aware of are "PCI domains" which
> is just another fancy term for a "hose" or "controller".
> All you have to do is (right now, the kernel supports this fully)
> open up a /proc/bus/pci/${BUS}/${DEVICE} node and then go:
> domain = ioctl(fd, PCIIOC_CONTROLLER, 0);
> Viola.
> There are only two real issues:

No, three.

0) The API needs to be taken out and shot.

You've added an ioctl. This isn't just any ioctl. It's a
wicked nasty ioctl. It's an OH MY GOD YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS
ioctl by any standard.

Consider the logical tree:
hose -> bus -> slot -> function -> bar

Well, the hose and bar are missing. You specify the middle
three parts in the filename (with slot and function merged),
then use an ioctl to specify the hose and bar.

Doing the whole thing by filename would be better. Else
why not just say "screw it", open /proc/pci, and do the
whole thing by ioctl? Using ioctl for both the most and
least significant parts of the path while using a path
for the middle part is Wrong, Bad, Evil, and Broken.


/proc/bus/PCI/0/0/3/0/config config space
/proc/bus/PCI/0/0/3/0/0 the first bar
/proc/bus/PCI/0/0/3/0/1 the second bar
/proc/bus/PCI/0/0/3/0/driver info about the driver, if any
/proc/bus/PCI/0/0/3/0/event hot-plug, messages from driver...

Then we have arch-specific MMU cruft. For example the PowerPC
defines bits that affect caching, ordering, and merging policy.
The chips from IBM also define an endianness bit. I don't think
this ought to be an ioctl either. Maybe mmap() flags would be
reasonable. This isn't just for PCI; one might do an anon mmap
with pages locked and cache-incoherent for better performance.

> 1) Extending the type bus numbers use inside the kernel.
> 2) Figure out what to do wrt. sys_pciconfig_{read,write}()
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