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SubjectRe: scsi disk defect or kernel driver defect ?
> The manual for my C1536A says:
> | The C1536A does not support termination on the device itself. Normally, the
> | unit will not be placed at the end of a bus. However, if this is
> | unavoidable, we recommend the use of an additional length of cable with a
> | terminator attached. (Lack of space does not allow for a feed-through
> | connector to be used to the drive.)
> | Terminator: Methode Active SCSI Terminator DM1050-02-R
> | Methode Passive SCSI Terminator DM1050-02-0
> So you should get a terminator (or an addtional SCSI device that does have a
> termination dipswitch/jumper, like my CD-ROM drive :-)
> This also explains why it works without the C1536: in that case your SCSI host
> adapter will auto-terminate the empty narrow chain.

Thank you Geert!

That was the informations I needed all the time!
So I ordered an active terminator yesterday.


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